8 Dropouts Who Became Successful CEOs


It is often said that education is the most important weapon of all time for people who want to become successful and want to have a successful business throughout. It is said that in order to have a successful business one should be educated enough to deal with all the aspects required for it. However, this is simply not true because there are many such people who are like born geniuses. They have come a way to have a fully successful business and be included in America’s powerful CEO’s while they are all actually college drop outs.

You might be surprised to know that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs who are undoubtedly at the top of America’s powerful CEO’s list are both college drop outs too. There are many others too but the list of 8 college drop outs who became successful CEOs and got included as America’s powerful CEO’s are given below

  1. Bill Gates
    The Microsoft founder is seriously the number one successful college drop-out who left Harvard and became even more of an erudite.
  2. Steve Jobs
    Jobs left Reed college to become the father of all things at Apple. Who knew leaving college could have turned out so fine!
  3. Mark Zuckerberg
    Who doesn’t know Mark but you should also know that he himself says that he just took five minutes to drop out of Harvard.
  4. Ralph Lauren
    Raplh Lauren served two semesters in the forces before he started his Polo brand which is why he makes it this list too.
  5. Coco Chanel
    The French designer is one of the 100 most influential people according to Times Magazine while she never had a degree at all.
  6. David Karp
    David Karp is yet another successful CEO of Tumblr whose net worth is more than $200 million as he is one of the most known web developers of America through his blogging platform Tumblr ($800 million net worth). He just went to school till the eight and started focusing on computers as his mother asked him to.
  7. John Mackey
    John P Mackey is definitely the name for the Whole Foods Market. He took over numerous credits in college but never graduated from one as he was very preoccupied with his store idea. It has now become the largest organic supermarket chain in the whole of US
  8. Larry D Young
    Larry D Young is the name for America’s most popular and favorite drink Dr. Pepper which has a lot of brand names and product lines like Snapple etc., now. The company had been formed by him since 1885 when he dropped out of studies and started trucking for Pepsi in the start.According to him, he used to pick up everything on the road than picking everything at school while 40 years later at the age of 61, he is responsible for more than 50 soft drinks now.

Therefore, looking at the above specified 8 college drop outs, one can be sure that wits is all that matters while one can become a successful CEO without a graduate degree too.

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