Catherine Franzoni Received The Award for Driving Growth and Innovation

Like the previous year, the CFO innovation awards and conference 2017 was celebrated with prompts and shows. In a span of 3 years, this event has shaped up as one of the major business events in the United States. The event got the participation of around 500 CFOs from the business of all lines and sizes and awarded the award for excellence to some of the most deserving finance professionals in the country. More importantly, the event became the platform for CFOs for hundred of companies to meet, exchange knowledge and views and introspect the solution to the professional challenges.

Award for Middle Market Companies: Driving Growth and Innovation

The CFO innovation awards and conference confers awards to CFOs, based on different categories. In that list, one of the major categories is for Middle Market Companies. The Award for Middle Market Companies: Driving Growth and Innovation went to Catherine Franzoni, CFO, Manasquan Bank. This award was to recognize and appreciate her contribution for consolidating the financial health of the bank and spearheading the efforts and initiatives of the Bank for the accomplishment of the business objectives. The selectors, as well as the other finalist for the award, agreed to the point that there could be hardly another person, more deserving than her for this award.

Key excerpt of Catherine’s professional career: points that can be accounted beyond her selection for the award

  • She led the efforts of the bank to consolidate its financial standing, coming into the list of top 10 banks in the country.
  • Catherine spearheaded the activities of the bank to secure the Return on assets at 78 Basis points, substantially ahead of the national rate in this regard.
  • During her term, the Net Interest Margin of the Bank went to 3.31%, compared with the National rate of 2.96%.

In addition to her routine job responsibilities, Catherine is one of the Board Members of the Bank’s Charitable Foundation. Catherine has planned, executed and managed some of the most successful Community Programs for the Bank that benefited the community at large, substantially.

This event gives the Finance professional the chance to meet their counterparts and exchange their views and explore the probable ways for collective excellence. The event enables them to consolidate their professional networks and develop key contacts for their professional gains. No wonder, this award & conference have attained a massive popularity among the finance professionals in the country.

Other Winners of The CFO Innovation Awards 2017:

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