Maureen O’Connell Scholastic CFO was Selected for The CFO World-Class Award 2017

The CFO Innovation Awards, just within a span of 3 years, now stands as one of the most prestigious business award ceremonies in the United States. This annual award and conference are highly awaited by the industry to recognize and respect the contributions of the professionals, serving in the capacity of the Chief Financial Officer or equivalent designations and making some significant contributions to the advancement of their companies. As such, this ceremony becomes a platform for these professionals to showcase their work, efforts, and endeavors, before the industry.

The CFO World-Class Award 2017 went to the most eligible hands

This award ceremony confers the awards to the CFOs in various categories, of which the CFO World-Class Award is one of the key ones. For the ongoing year, this prestigious award went to Maureen O’Connell, serving Scholastic Corporation in the capacity of Chief Financial and Administrative Officer.

In the same category, there were the nominations of various other candidates, having almost equally enriched professional portfolio, crowned with the gems of major professional achievements. However, the selection of Maureen O’Connell as the recipient of this award for the year was out of the scopes of debate.Thus, it will be right to say that the special award went to a very special pair of hands.

An excerpt of the professional career of Maureen O’Connell

She completed her the Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting & Economics from the New York University in the year 1985. Before joining Scholastic Corporation in the year 2007, she had served companies like Affinion Group, Gartner, Barnes & Nobel as well as Publishers Clearing House in the apex positions of the Finance department. All through her career, she holds a formidable track record, making significant contributions to the advancements of the organizations, through reduction of unproductive expenses and streamlining the financial operation.

In her present association with the Scholastic Corporation, Maureen O’Connell  an exponent for the growth of the organization at a radical pace. She had led the financial dealing of the company with exceptional authority, creating a massive chunk of cash reserve as well as a significant rise in the performing assets of the company.

Maureen O’Connell was named as one of the business professional capable of making a difference in the coming decade. In addition, her name was included in the listings like 30 top Female Business Executives as well as Top 75 Influential Women.

Other Winners of The CFO Innovation Awards 2017:

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