Maximo Nougues Won The Award For CFO Success: Strategy

One of the most sophisticated and prestigious business awards in the United States, the CFO innovations Awards by the CFO Studios is highly awaited by the top finance professionals in the United States. An award that is exclusively meant for identifying and appreciating the efforts made the CFOs from the Private and Public Companies, this award adds gems to on the crowns of the recipients. The organizer prepares a pool of finalists and the Audit Members make the final selection of the recipients for 14 categories under which the CFOs are facilitated.

The Selectors selected Maximo Nougues as the recipient of the award for CFO Success: Strategy

Includes in the list of the various categories for the CFO innovations Awards is the award for CFO Success: Strategy and Maximo Nougeus was picked as the recipient of this prestigious award for the year. The award for this category goes to the incumbent, conceiving some innovative strategic move to secure the economic health of the organization. The selectors were of the opinion that considering the impact of the strategic planning conceived by Mr. Nougues as the CFO of Getinge, they could hardly find a pair of hands that would deserve this award more than him. For the ongoing year, Getinge made some significant business advancement and Mr. Nougues was one of the key exponents in this process.

An excerpt of the professional career of Maximo Nougues

Mr. Nougues holds a formidable professional career, close to 2 decades and he has always been rated as a star performer in the organizations that he had served till date. He joined the Getinge Group, in the Year 2016 and since his joining, the company has shaped a formidable economic health. He spearheaded the efforts of the company to eliminate the unproductive expenses as well as to optimize the business profits.

Before coming on board with his present employer, Maximo held the top positions in the Finance departments for companies like Maquet Medical Systems, Maquet Cardiovascular as well as Boston Scientific.

Mr. Nougues acquired his Master’s Degree in Business Administration-Finance from the University of San Fransisco in the year 1998.

In his speech to reciprocate his regards on receipt of the award, Mr. Nouges stated that this achievement will drive him to come up more efforts and endeavors for taking his organization to the next level of success. His selection as the recipient of this award was unanimous and beyond the scopes of debate.

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