Michael Bickel Was Declared As The Winner of Award For CFO Success: Global

The CFO innovations Awards, awarded by the CFO Studio give the CFOs from different companies in the United States the recognition for their sincere efforts. More importantly, this event extends them the chance to spend some quality time with their peers from other organizations, and thus, transfer their professional experience, knowledge as well as standing on different aspects of Finance and Revenue Management. Getting the participation of hundreds of CFOs from the Private as well as the Publicly held organizations in the country.

The award for CFO Success: Global

CFO innovations Awards happen to be an exclusive award ceremony for the CFOs and it is conferred based on 14 categories. This includes the award for CFO Success: Global and for the ongoing year, this award went into the hands of North America Schindler Elevator Corporation’s CFO, Michael Bickel. A thorough Finance Professional, having more than 15 years of experience in managing the Finance and Revenues for a few of the top companies in the country.

The selection of the recipient of the award in this category was made by the Audit Partners of CFO Studio, considering the nomination from a significant count of equally-deserving candidates. As such, the selection involved no debates and even the other finalist agreed to the point that the award was conferred to the most deserving finalist.

Michael Bickel’s Professional Vitae

He is presently serving as the CFO- USA operations for Schindler Elevator Corporation, since 2014. In his present engagement, he is leading the financial operations for the company that includes around 5500 Staffs. Previously, he was in Charge of the company’s China Operation. Mr. Bickel has even served as the Internal Audit Head for the company.

Before joining Schindler Elevator Corporation, he has worked with organizations like Baloise Insurance, Ernest & Young, and has been a board member of Rototec AG.

He completed his Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from the University of Bern and completed an advanced Executive Program, from the Kellog School of Management- Northwestern University.

This business event enables the CFOs to participate in an interactive and activity-filled session, paving the way for professional networking. Most Importantly, nominees for the various categories of awards at this event adds more value to their professional vitae. Hence, within a very short span of time, this event has earned a massive fame in the industry. As such, the annual event is eagerly awaited by the top Finance Professionals in the country.

Other Winners of The CFO Innovation Awards 2017:

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