Neil Glasser was Announced As The Recipient of The CFO Success Award: Finance Department

The CFO innovations Awards 2017, in its 3rd session, was celebrated with a good show and grace, getting an attendance of a few hundreds of CFOS from the small, medium and large corporations in the USA. CFO Studios has been hosting this award for the last few years to honor the performance and the contributions of the CFOs in the path of advancement of their organizations. This award ceremony is followed by a conference that enables the participants to network with their counterparts from other organizations and collectively explore to bring excellence in Financial management and accounting.

The winner of the award for CFO Success: Finance Department

This award is conferred across 14 categories, of which the award for the success of the Finance Department is one. For this year, the winner of the award in this category was Neil Glasser. He is presently serving Michael J. Hennessy Associates as  Chief Financial Officer and has been an exponent for consolidating the financial strength of the company. Since his joining the company, Mr. Glasser has been able to implement a structured, transparent and systematic financial orientation that enabled the company to maximize the profits and cut down the unproductive expenses.

His selection was made by the Audit partners of CFO Studios, picking his name from a pool of hundreds of nominees, nominated for the award in this category.

An overview of Neil Glasser’s Professional Career

In his present engagement with Michael J. Hennessy Associates as the Chief Financial Officer, M. Glasser is handling the entire scope of actions for Mergers & Acquisitions, Legal Aspects, HR Functions, as well as Facilities and Circulation, in addition to the Financial Accounting.

Before joining his present employer, he served Barnes  Nobles as the Vice President- Finance, and UniTeller Financial Services in the similar role. He held the office of the Director of Finance with Winstar Communications as well. Previously, he worked with Gramercy Mills, INC as the Financial Controller.

He held a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics  & Accounting from the New York University. In addition, he underwent an Executive Program with The Wharton School- University of Pennsylvania.

Considering the massive scope of experience that Mr. Glasser holds and his formidable professional Career, his selection as the recipient of the aforesaid award was unanimous and out of the scopes of debate. It will be certainly wise to say that this prestigious award went into the most deserving hands.

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