Scott Gellman Won The Award For CFO as COO

Following the instance of the past 2 years, the CFO innovations Awards 2017 was celebrated with much of excitements. This year, the event got the participation of more numbers of participants, compared with the last couple of years. As per the objective of this Award summit, it picked 14  CFOs from different types of organizations, awarding them for the all-around contributions they made in the success of their companies. This event gave the CFOs the chance, space and time to explore some innovative aspects to handle the changing business scenarios and aspects.

This award ceremony rolls out the award in 14 distinct categories that include the award for the CFO, performing in the role of the chief operating officer as well. The purpose of this award is to honor the comprehensive contribution of the incumbent, heading the Financial and operations aspects of an organization. The selectors agreed to the point of picking Scott Gellman as the recipient of the award in this category. He is presently serving Kurtosys Systems as its CFO & COO.

Scott Gellman- a through Finance professional with impeccable professional career

Mr. Gellman is a well-known name in the industry and is highly respected for his sky-high achievements and accomplishments. As the CFO & COO of Kurtosys Systems, he is in the charge of the global finance, engineering, delivery, business operations, Infrastructure, Customer support and legal functions of the company. He is also spearheading the Human Resource as well as the Talent Acquisition functions of the company.

Beforehand, he served in a similar role with Media Morph and as an Advisor for Signpost. In addition, he served Comverse as its AVP- Financial Strategy as well. Throughout his professional career, Mr. Gellman has been recognized as a key contributor to the success of the enterprises that he had served till date. A born leader and an enthusiast in nurturing fresh talents, he has always been respected and accepted by his co-workers.

He attained his MBA qualification from the Duke University in the year 2007, previous to which, he completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Arts & Business Economics from the University of California in the year 1998.

The selection of Mr. Gellman didn’t trigger the least of debate and even his Co-finalists for the receipt of the award agreed that the prize got into the most eligible hands.

Other Winners of The CFO Innovation Awards 2017:

Andrew Napurano (CFO innovator Award)
Maureen O’Connell (CFO World-Class Award)
Tom Masnaghetti (The For-Profit Mind-Set Award)
Catherine Franzoni (Award for Driving Growth and Innovation)
Scott Coiante (Award for CFO Success: Capital)
Michael Bickel (Award for CFO Success: Global)
Neil Glasser (Award for CFO Success: Finance Department)
Bill Fahrbach (Award for CFO Success: Operations)
Maximo Nougues (Award for CFO Success: Strategy)
Kristina Merrill (Award for CFO Success: Technology)
Matthew Nicholas (CFO Industry Transformation Award)

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