Maureen O’Connell (Scholastic – CFO) Wins the CFO World-Class Award

Newark, New Jersey, 24th May 2017:
CFO calling wanders forward with the social event of the primary catalysts of the back business at the CFO Innovation and Conference Awards, 2017 at New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC), Newark, New Jersey. It was the third year in development where the yearly gathering expected more than 500 normal CFOs from expansive, center and little market, open, private, and private regard affiliations, and commitment vindicated affiliations, who acknowledged different introductions, sheets, and talks.

The CFO Innovation Awards celebrated with the perfect CFOs who added to their alliance’s fiscal change, soundness and achievement.

Around 15 CFOs from overwhelming hitter affiliations were yielded unmistakable titles at the occasion on the initiate of their execution in the alliance. The Award titles included, ‘CFO Innovator Award, CFO World-Class Award, CFO Leadership Award and whatnot.’ and other relative requests to be viewed as genuine stalwarts for bewildering introductions in the business.

Maureen O’ Connell at Scholastic Corporation, was presented the title of CFO World-Class Award 2017 at the occasion.

Maureen has been a touch of Scholastic Corporation since 2007. In this part, O’Connell organizes each authoritative farthest point, including Finance, Global Operations, Scholastic Technology Services, Human Resources, Strategic Planning and Business Development. She holds a B.S. in Accounting and Economics from New York University.

About Scholastic Corporation:

Scholarly Corporation is the world’s most noteworthy distributor and dealer of kid’s books with operations around the world. It is an American multinational, planning and media affiliation known for disseminating books and educational materials for schools, teachers and youngsters.

Entire list of winners is here.

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