Things Every CMO Needs To Know In 2017

It is not easy to be the current CMOs They are responsible for everything from lead generation to digital strategy, sales support and even product development, and these are just a small part of the growing list of tasks that modern CMOs provide. As a CMO who should sharpen the skills in the difficult role to be successful? And if you are a marketing manager, what skills can be developed to support your team and promote your career? Here are some essential skills that you will need in 2017 and beyond:

• Agility: As the pace of changes in marketing and technology continues to accelerate, the CMO should be informed about the latest trends and be fast and needed to lead to change. This means that agile leaders do not wait for the end of the year or the planning cycle to investigate the results and adjust their marketing programs. Instead, they resort to real-time analysis and feedback to make adjustments and improvements in ongoing operations. Modern CMO will also look for their marketing planning and more agile. Instead of months or years in planning, agile marketing spending initiative will involve a series of fast sprints before the release, each of which takes only two to four weeks altogether. After the start, the team will review the goals, achievements and results as well as plans for the next Sprint Initiative.

• Big Data: CMO success today need to have a thorough knowledge of consumers, including their likes and dislikes, their needs and expectations at every step of the customer’s journey. To do this, the CMO must be able to understand and dig into your data using tools for analyzing the analysis, creating real-time information about your marketing strategy and programs. Marketing leaders also want to recruit the best talent who have the analytical modeling of the most advanced skills, not just the great data, but to synthesize and convert these ideas into data points and stories that share with the resonance company. CMO must take these data then to perform the internal changes necessary to create greater value and create a better experience for consumers

• Centralize customers: To capture the attention and loyalty of today’s consumers, marketing leaders should ensure that their brands help solve the most difficult challenges of people and make them lighter. Modern CMOs need to try to build relationships with customers and become their trustworthy consultants, rather than just focusing the transaction when closing. The most effective CMOs are those who provide their data analysis continuous value at every step of the customer journey to create consumers and provide a positive and consistent, regardless of the channels or devices that consumers use to connect with their branding experience.

• Influence on the management level: Gaining more centralization from marketing to customers will increases more strength and voice in the management table. As such, modern CMOs must be able to work transversely and deserve the respect of their executive colleagues. To do this, marketing managers should increase their technical, financial and strategic. The current CMO should be able to channel its brand through the organization of marketing, engage and influence its colleagues, and show the (and test) how marketing can contribute to brand growth and business.

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